My very own Linux Video Disc Recorder. I put together some noteworthy configurations that go together with the installation of the soft- and hardware needed to get it up and running.


Unfortunately, tvtv.de cancelled its free service. It's not possible to access the mandatory data for free anymore. Therefore this plugin has become obsolete.


In order to playback CDs with mplayer you've got to set /etc/vdr/plugins/mplayersources.conf right. Therefore there should be an entry like this:


If you playback NTSC files you might notice that they're cut off on both left and right and even top and bottom. If that's the case you might want to change the appropriet entry in your /usr/sbin/vdrmplayer.sh.conf to false (but remember: one of them has to be true!):


Windows Clients:

If you're using Windows XP as clients to access any samba shares you might want to turn off the web-client service in the services menu.


The following contains the list of keys mapped to control the noad-plugin:

0 set or delete a mark
7 jump to last mark
9 jump to next mark
4 move mark left
6 move mark right
2 perform cut

Sound problems:

If you experience no sound in DivX-files converted by your vdr then you might encounter a strange phenomenon: at position 128hex change the value from 50hex to 55hex.

Medion 4688 IR-Controller:

If you use the above ir remote control, configurting it to TV 088 and VCR 257 you get all the buttons working for your vdr. The only drawback seems to be that if you use a tv by Grundig you will control the tv instead of the vdr.